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Mirror, mirror on the wall, how have you so easily transformed it all?

Today, let us talk about a vital artifact of interior design - mirrors. Whether it is a small one placed in the nook of your bedroom or a curved one accentuating your bathroom, they surely make a statement. Whether your tastes are avant-garde or conservative, we suggest you do embrace the mind-and-space expanding potential of mirrors for your homes and offices. Sleek or understated, ornate or oversized, these shining surfaces have been adding opulence to homes since ancient times. They are designer must-haves to complete any space.

Let us show you how.

Mirrors Create Space

Adding mirrors to a tight-spaced room can create space, rather an illusion of space that rightfully serves the purpose. It is one of the favorite tricks of architects and interior designers since time immemorial. When you want to take it up a notch but not remove a wall, just add a mirror wall. It will make your room feel more open and light-filled. The trick lies in the reflection of light that takes place when you do so. While you are acquainted with the hack, you must not compromise on the placement of the mirror, something which our experts at Economy Glass Coating and Shade can help you with.

Switch On The Sunshine - Light Up Your Homes With Mirrors

Have low ceilings, a room in the basement, or small windows? A one-step quick fix is an appropriate mirror hung near any source of light, preferably a window. Not just these, they make for the appropriate addition in cramped guest bathrooms as well as huge walk-in closets for you can never go wrong with mirrors.

“If you are convinced and would like assistance in choosing the most appropriate mirror to enliven your spaces, contact the number one company in Los Angeles, CA - Economy Glass Coating & Shade.

Mirrors Create Statements

Whether you believe in the minimalist school of art or want to go completely raw, try placing the right kind of accentuated or non-accentuated mirror to make heads turn. With tonnes of options available in the market, there is something for everyone. The good news is - they do not have to be expensive. We suggest you place them in your master bedroom, main bathroom, formal dining area, entranceway, or living room.

Use Mirrors To Camouflage the Imperfections

While imperfections make a house a home, a few of them can be hideous. What do you think comes in handy during such a situation? Enter, a mirror. They can be a cost-effective, temporary, or permanent, barely time-consuming magic trick.

Mirrors Are Just What You Need To Transform Your House Into A Designer Home

For all those who take great respite in aestheticism, mirrors are for you. Go creative with a trusted set of designers and reliable technicians like those at Economy Glass Coating to choose your statement mirror. Don't make any mistakes while choosing the shapes, sizes, and the frames of your looking glass. 1` If you want a reflective window film over it, a glass tinting, heat-reducing window film, or simply want to increase the safety and security of the glass, we can assist you with it.

I hope you are now convinced of using the mirror to guide you in moments of both, concealment and revelation, spark and joy.

Why not abide by what the great David Netto, leading author and designer of interiors and furniture says, “Mirrors can make something desirable go away and create a dazzling, distracting presence.”

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