Graffiti Protection Los Angeles CA

Graffiti Protection & Heat Reducing Film | Los Angeles, CA


  • High Quality Window Film, Shades, Blinds, Solar Control Film on Window Glass.
  • Designer Tinting to Enhance appearance of building and interior décor, while filtering sunrays.
  • Privacy Film: translucent-frosted, Japanese rice paper films, frosted patterns, Lumisty optical effects.
  • Heat reduction and Energy Conservation Films.
  • Safety and Security Film on glass (clear or tinted)
  • Graffiti protection for glass and other surfaces.
  • Graphics design available on transparent films
  • Reduce fading of interior furnishings by filtering ultra-violet, infra-red, and visible sunlight.
  • Manage Natural Light while protecting sensitive skin and eyes from harmful radiation.
  • Safety & Security window film laminated to glass. Available in transparent colorless, or transparent tinted.
  • Improve and enhance daytime visibility through glass windows when viewing from indoors toward outdoors
Window Screens to let air in or out, while keeping insects outside and allowing maximum view from your windows. New Screens measured, fabricated, and installed to fit your windows


You'll Have it made in the shade Economy window Tinting is a full services company. Here is a List of Our products and Benefits.

  • Control Sunlight while retaining view
  • Allow light inside and keep heat, glare, and U.V. Rays out
  • Enhanced building appearance
  • Increase safety and security of glass
  • Reduce fading caused by sunlight
  • Special films for hiding unwanted view or to eliminate light
  • Frosted films for translucent and private windows
  • Graphics design available on transparent films
  • Graffiti protection for windows
  • Special colours available
  • Metallized film to reflect heat outside.
  • Reflective Window Film
  • Decorative and Privacy Film
  • Window Tinting
  • Rolling Window Shades
  • Blinds
  • Security and Safety Film
  • Grafflti Protection